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ACC Power Rankings - Week 4

Now that we are a couple weeks into the season, I’ve added some additional stats to the Power Rankings, particularly total offense and total defense to help separate the number of otherwise indistinguishable teams in the middle and bottom half of the league. Oh that, and we have a new team atop the Power Rankings this week...

Come on Pete!!
Come on Pete!!
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

So, with that, the Power Rankings feature a new legend for this week and going forward.  (Last Week/W-L/AP Poll/USA Today Coaches Poll/Total Offense/Total Defense)

  1. Florida State (2/2-0/8/8/7/8) – I’m going to go ahead and put Florida State above Clemson right now for a couple of reasons. First, and foremost their freshman QB looks like more than the real deal two games into the season. Yes, of course that can change, but they look good on offensive. Except for that game/season opening drive against Pitt, they’ve looked pretty good on the defensive side of the ball too. I think they win the game with Clemson and the conference (again).
  2. Clemson (1/2-0/3/4/35/69) – Big, big Thursday night game for the Tigers against our Pack. NOT saying they win the game, but if they do, I still see Clemson well, “pulling a Clemson” somewhere along the way. Still having a great, and maybe a special season, but they have to get past Thursday night first.
  3. Miami (3/2-0/16/17/91/34) – Coming off a bye, and a expectedly easy contest against Savannah State this week should help the Canes rise a little in the Top-25 standings.
  4. Georgia Tech (5/2-0/ORV/ORV/24/7) – Impressive win over the Devils last week, and hosting the Tarheels this week. A win over UNC would put them well in control of their half of the division. Aided by that pounding of Elon earlier in the season, Tech has great total team offense and defense numbers so far.
  5. Virginia Tech (4/2-1/ORV/ORV/107/2) – Won a close one on the road at East Carolina. This week they are home against Marshall. Hopefully they can work on those offensive numbers. I don’t think any team in the conference has such a wide range between the offense and defense stats.
  6. NC State (8/2-0/NR/NR/31/29) – Big, big game in Raleigh for the Wolfpack this week. For some reason, I’m thinking we are the ones waking up on Friday with the W, and maybe this position reflects that a little bit.
  7. Maryland (10/3-0/NR/NR/10/17) – Hosting West Virginia this week. I knew they were 3-0, but man those offense and defense numbers were much better than expected. I suspect they’ll shift downwards a bit after playing West Virginia.
  8. Pitt (9/1-1/NR/NR/66/71) – Traveling to Durham for their first Tobacco Road experience since joining the conference.
  9. Duke (6/2-1/NR/NR/70/19) – Got roughed up by GT last week, hosting Pitt this week. This game should show either how good GT might be, or how bad Duke might be.
  10. North Carolina (7/1-1/NR/NR/71/73) – Traveling to GT this week in an important division game. Don’t worry, even if the Heels can’t win the division, there’s no doubt they’ll print championship t-shits anyway. Wonder if Fedora’s agent has made a call to the Texas AD yet?
  11. Syracuse (11/1-2/NR/NR/62/41) – Took care of Wagner to get their first W of the season. Hosting Tulane before moving into the conference slate.
  12. Boston College (13/2-1/NR/NR/113/64) – Normally, traveling to Southern Cal is tough for a lot of teams so the result was pretty much as expected. Have a bye this week.
  13. Virginia (12/1-1/NR/NR/118/103) – Hosting VMI in what could be a pretty tough game for the Hoos. I know they played Oregon, but man o man, those are some pretty poor stats on both sides of the ball.
  14. Wake Forest (14/1-2/NR/NR/104/17) – Lost to Louisiana Monroe at home.  Things are heading south quickly over in Winston-Salem.

Just for fun (and upon popular request):

Louisville (7/7) – Let’s go between Clemson and Miami this week.  Didn’t look all that impressive over Kentucky this weekend.

Notre Dame (21/21) - I would probably put ND between Miami and GT this week.

Legend: ORV = Others Receiving Votes, NR = Not Ranked