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Mattes Gets Bad News; Former Pack Player Sues

A bevy of "in case you missed it" links.

Allison Joyce

There are 22 former N.C. State players active on NFL rosters. R.J. Mattes, who was cut by the Patriots after a training camp injury and is a free agent, is not likely to be the 23rd. Mattes was suspended for four games by the NFL, presumably for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Details on the exact nature of the suspension are unavailable, but, if Mattes was using PEDs, let's hope it was inspired by a desperate attempt to make an NFL roster (and that it is not something that dates back to his time as a collegian). Maybe he was just toking some medical Mary Jane to soothe that ankle pain.

Fellow UDFAs Brandan Bishop and Camden Wentz, who went camping with the Vikings, were also recently de-rostered. Tobais Palmer was cut by Jacksonville but retained on the team's practice squad.


In concussion-related lawsuit news, a former Pack player is part of a lawsuit against the NCAA. Dan Ahern, who claims that lasting damage from a concussion led to his having to retire early and take disability, is represented by the same attorney, Michael Hausfeld, behind Ed O'Bannon's anti-trust case against the NCAA. So, this is pretty serious, especially in light of the fact that the NFL just agreed to dole out $765 million to settle its concussion complaints. The NFL has that kind of money in its couch cushions, but the NCAA does not, and high schools certainly do not. Consider the number of former college players compared to NFL players. Then think about the number of high school players. Could concussion suits bring about the demise of the game?

There's an easy solution: bring back leather helmets.