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ACC Power Rankings - Week 3

Three teams in the top 18? Say it ain't so...

If they won't put a picture of our All American kicker, this will have to do.
If they won't put a picture of our All American kicker, this will have to do.
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Clemson (3/5) – Defeated South Carolina State, which only means their WTF game will come later in the season.  Clemson has a bye week this week in preparation for the Thursday night match up with our wolfs.
  2. Florida State (10/9) – Fresh off the bye week, FSU hosts the other Wolf Pack from Nevada.  The bigger question is likely how many incompletions can their QB throw
  3. Miami (15/18) – Is Miami for real, or were the Gators over ranked?  Miami too has a bye this week.
  4. Virginia Tech (ORV/ORV) – Pounded Western Carolina and travels to East Carolina this week... traveling to Greenville, who created that schedule?
  5. Georgia Tech (ORV/ORV) – Traveling to Durham this week.  Shaping up to be an important early season game for the division championship.
  6. Duke (NR/NR) – 2-0 and hosting GT in a suddenly very important early season division game.
  7. North Carolina (NR/NR) – Beat MTSU, and have a bye this week.  Good week for their student athletes to get caught up on their course work, or at least a good week to test out the newest rental car$ on campus.
  8. NC State (NR/NR) – 2-0 is 2-0.  I am convinced that game was just a ploy to not give away the game plan.  We host the bye to get ready for the Thursday night Textile Bowl next week.
  9. Pitt (NR/NR) – Coming off a bye week, Pitt hosts New Mexico.
  10. Maryland (NR/NR) – Beat ODU, travels to UCONN this week. Can’t be gone fast enough.
  11. Syracuse (NR/NR) – Beat up by a Top-25 Northwestern.  Hosting Wagner which should be quite a bit easier.
  12. Virginia (NR/NR) – Beat up at home by Oregon, have a bye this week to recover.
  13. Boston College (NR/ORV) – Yes, that's right, someone voted for BC in the USA Today Coaches poll - does their coach get a vote? Beat Wake to move out of the basement, traveling to Southern Cal this week.
  14. Wake Forest (NR/NR) – Lost to bottom dweller BC, hosting Louisiana Monroe.
Just for fun (and upon popular request):

Louisville (7/7) - Still think I would slot them between FSU and Miami this week.
Notre Dame (21/21) - I would probably put ND between Miami and VT this week.

Polls: (AP/USA Today Coaches)
Legend: ORV = Others Receiving Votes, NR = Not Ranked