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The 2013 blog commenting championship goes to...

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know how much time you wasted on this site in 2013, but I want to thank you for making time to waste time here. The network compiled some user stats from the past year, which you can see below. We had nine fine, upstanding Americans post more than 1,000 comments, led by Omega, who had a lot of grammar pointers to hand out to you people.

I was hoping there'd be a category for the number of comments with swear words in them, but we'll just have to make educated guesses on those. Roughly 4,000 of mine included swears, I'm fairly certain.

Anyway, if you've been visiting the site but haven't commented, I hope you'll join us in 2014. In any case, thanks for reading.

Most FanPosts
sbas2 59 Newclass 24
Omega Wolf 17 Tampa-Pack 12 JEOHankins2 12 thrillis4 11 PackMentality 10 wolfonthehill 7
xian01000101 7
adwomack 7
Most FanShots
Omega Wolf 39
Akula Wolf 22
Jerry Steinberg 7
thrillis4 5
sbas2 4
acc_10k 4
wolfonthehill 3
ginger avenger 3
mplode 2
Most Comments
Omega Wolf 9541
Akula Wolf 4221 wolfonthehill 3366 chip24spb 1782
ginger avenger 1465 PackMentality 1465 acc_10k 1407 RoxCityWolf 1236 Wolphpack 1107 sbas2 970