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Another Look at Warren

Because I like what I see. I like it a lot.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

T.J. Warren is trying to become the first ACC player to lead the conference in field goal percentage in back-to-back years since Wake Forest's Eric Williams did the trick in 2004-05/2005-06. Warren's 54.1% shooting is tops in the league at the moment, and the fact that he also leads the ACC in field goal attempts makes the feat all the more impressive.

With league play set to gear up in full Saturday, here's how #TonyBuckets stacks up against ACC competition so far:

1st in FG% (54.1)

1st in points per game (23.9)

1st in usage percentage (32.7)

Tied for 1st in player efficiency rating (31.6)

2nd in win shares (2.7)

2nd in offensive win shares (1.9)

5th in rebounds per game (7.8)

5th in turnover percentage (9.3)

5th in effective FG% (.564)

6th in win shares per 40 minutes (.244)

7th in steals per game (1.7)

7th in minutes played per game (34.7)

8th in offensive rebounding percentage (10.8%)

Continue to be an efficient scorer despite a huge increase in usage + improve defense and rebounding = first team all-ACC (and, good for him but bad for us, a likely lottery pick). The rebounding from a small forward is really as amazing to me as the scoring. We desperately needed that from him, and he is giving more than we could have imagined. Bravo, Mr. Buckets (and Boards).

We had a bit of fun in the last Pack in the Pros feature by challenging our team of crack investigators (wait, that doesn't sound right) to a trivia contest.

This time there are two (count ‘em, dos) questions. I know the answer to the first one, which is decidedly easier; for the second, I am honestly just curious (and was unable to find the answer on my own).

#1: If Warren leads the ACC in FG% again this season, it will be the fifth time a Pack player has done so in the past 11 seasons. Aside from Warren, who are the other three players?

#2: If Warren leads the ACC in both field goal attempts and FG%, he will be the first player from any school to do so since...? (Tip: if anyone has ever done it, it came before 1997-98. I could not find records dating back past then.)