WBB: The Good and the Bad in UNC over State, 79-70


State rallied to make it close (75-70) after trailing by a lot at the half (45-29). That is the good. With Burke and Gatling playing, State could at least match UNC in size. With Gatling and Brown sitting due to early foul trouble, UNC turned a good State lead (13-4) into a very big UNC lead due to State being too slow and too small. State does have six-four Daniels to come off of the bench, but her senior year is not turning out as she hoped.

What is bad is that State took a senior team with a 14-1 record to Chapel Hill and lost to a team starting four freshman. UNC's freshman class was the best in the nation. This class is talented, tall and quick. If a senior State team cannot beat them this year, what does the future hold?

After seniors six-five Gatling, six-four Daniels and six-two Burke use up their eligibility where will State be? Small, very small. State has six-four three star grade 90 (HoopGurlz stats) Akela Maize signed. However, after Maize, State will have no other player signed or on the roster taller than six-one unless Coach Moore signs another tall player for 2014. As a matter of fact, State is becoming a team with players similar in height all (absent returning five-five 'Nique Brown and the aforementioned Maize) between five-eight and six-one. The other kicker is none of these players are close to being a top twenty five star player.

Enjoy how the rest of the year goes because things are not going to be good in the near future unless 6-1 Division II J.C. All-American Carlee Schuhmacher is as good as DeShields of UNC.

I do like Miah Spencer though. Miah is a five-eight guard and will be one of many guards five-eight or taller on next year's roster.