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Many Don't Take Kindly to Doeren's Radio Jab at the ACC Commissioner

On his weekly radio show Wednesday night, Dave Doeren took a lighthearted jab at NC State's difficult schedule, much to the chagrin of many on Twitter.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

I am sure many of you frequently listen to Coach Dave Doeren's weekly radio show, as he fields a variety of questions from the hosts and from NC State fans on Twitter.  Tonight, he was asked about State's difficult football schedule in recent weeks, playing Florida State and Clemson back-to-back.  In answering the question, Doeren made a seemingly lighthearted jab at ACC Commissioner John Swofford, a North Carolina graduate, saying, "You'd never know that somebody from the school down the street is commissioner.  You never would know that with our schedule."

Well, many on Twitter evidently took the comments at face value and were subsequently upset with what Coach Doeren's comments.  When viewed on a textual level, they seem serious, but after further examination and listening to the broadcast itself, one can tell that he is, of course, joking.

It'd be an absurd accusation for Doeren to levy if he was serious, but it can be ruled out when you take into account that he's surrounded by a crowd of NCSU broadcasters for a show geared towards Wolfpack fans.  In that environment, he's definitely going to attempt to make some sort of jest in order to get a laugh out of the broadcasters and listeners alike.

If you want a look at what many are saying about Doeren, simply look below at the search results for "Doeren" on Twitter.  Apparently on there, the jury is still somewhat out on his comments.

You can listen to Doeren's reaction yourself here (fast-forward to roughly the 38 minute mark).