The Map to St. Pete

As a local NC State fan, I'm hoping that State's bowl selection is within a reasonable drive from Raleigh. I see 3 things that need to happen to happen to get us to the Bitcoin bowl, the closest reasonable bowl. Yes, there are closer bowls, but State will probably have the worst conference record and could only climb as high as the Shreveport bowl.

Now, the Bitcoin Bowl gets the last selection when there are 11 ACC bowl eligible teams. With State likely being the last selection, I say there needs to be exactly 11 teams for us to get to the beaches of Florida. To make this happen, we need either:

1. Pitt to win @ Miami (don't laugh, go look at how the Coastal has turned out this year)


2. FSU to lose to UF and/or GT (so that they go to a regular bowl and not the playoff)

Notice the "or" because both of those absolutely cannot happen. If both happen, then the ACC is at 12 teams and State will be headed to Birmingham and we all know how that went last time.

So GTHC, and I'll see y'all in St. Pete!