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NC State vs. North Carolina game thread / Saturday open thread

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

BTP's Tar Heels preview

Say, uh, does anyone have any idea what is going to happen in this game? If so, could you tell me? The suspense is killing me. Also I'd like to borrow the time machine you must have; I swear I only want to use for dumb crap like going back to see MLB games in the 1950s.

Last year I think I was mostly resigned to the fact that our team stunk and wasn't going to win. But now I'm lost. I mean, this could go in any number of unpleasant directions with Marquise Williams up against the Wolfpack defense, but both of these teams are so deeply flawed that erratic play on either of their parts is not only likely, it could reach such extremes that we all end up in bizarrotown.

Who knows, we might block four punts. UNC might intercept Jacoby Brissett three times, in each case after the pass has gone through Bryan Underwood's hands, off an official's head, and betrayed a grab bag of physical laws heretofore thought to be ironclad. NC State wins 42-8! UNC wins 55-52! UNC wins 6-3 in double overtime! I dunno. I bet it's one of those though.


Kickoff: 12:30 p.m. ET

TV: ACC Network (affiliates)

Internet: ESPN3