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Bo Hines Transfers to Yale

If you had read this headline to any Pack fan several weeks ago, they would have had you committed. Alas, the Pack's leading receiver in 2014 will pursue his academic and athletic goals at the prestigious Ivy League university next season and beyond.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren and the NC State coaching staff suffered a major blow when the star freshman Hines tweeted the official news that he would be leaving the program on Saturday afternoon.

Hines paced the Wolfpack with 45 receptions for 616 yards and added a touchdown as well. He became the go-to option on third down and occasionally a big play threat, especially in the Bitcoin Bowl. Hines was designated as the punt returner for the second half of the season, but did not have many opportunities for returns.

While this decision is pretty unexpected, there was a rumor about a week ago on the Inside Carolina boards that Hines would be transferring to an Ivy League school in order to pursue an opportunity in the field of law and long-term in the political arena. It appears that the rumor had some legs, and Hines will be at Yale next fall. As a transfer down a division, he should be eligible to play for the Bulldogs immediately.

Optimism has been high for the future after a strong finish in Dave Doeren's second year, but this is a major loss. There are plenty of receiving options, but no other options have stood out as future stars at this point. The hope is that redshirt Maurice Trowell or incoming athlete Nyheim Hines can help fill the void that Bo is leaving behind.