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The #goacc Moment of the Week (12/30/2014)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

I don't even have a witty caption for this. This picture is everything.
I don't even have a witty caption for this. This picture is everything.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hard to believe we've reached the final #goacc Moment of the Week of 2014 - boy, have there been some doozies this year, which we'll see a lot of again this March in our second annual #goacc Tournament of Champions. Plenty of time to get some additional entries in that field, at least one of which I'm fairly certain will be from this week based solely on how incredible it is. Don't think we'll see as close a battle in the voting as we saw last week, where we ended with a tie between Jingle Beard Guy and the Ref enjoying some NFL during the State-WVU game. We've also got another spectacular Jim Ross BAH GAWD moment for your enjoyment as well. Time to vote - which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Russell Wilson out here haunting everyone's dreams (h/t @Jose8BS and @BrianMFloyd).

Seriously, what is the deal with this? I'm sort of terrified right now. Why are you telling me to wake up, Russell? Am I in a dream? Is this Inception?

2. Help us Red Panda, you're our only hope (h/t @dougherty_jesse).

No halftime show will ever live up to the legend of Red Panda, particularly not these weird dancing inflatable mascots. There's only one hilarious inflatable mascot, and I think you all know which one I'm talking about:

3. that...Paul Johnson...SMILING?!?!? (h/t @MikeDeGeorge).

This is essentially the unicorn of college football. I've seen everything now.

4. Chris Jones with one of the worst flops you'll ever see (h/t @cjzero).

He gets rightfully called out by Jay Bilas too. Sheesh, that's embarrassing.

5. The value of Bitcoin went down during the Bitcoin Bowl (h/t @RedditCFB).

This is hilarious on a number of levels, but as I mentioned on Twitter, it would appear that #goacc has the power to affect pseudo-currencies, too.

6. Clemson player gets his contact attended to while camera is zoomed right on his face, and his reaction is priceless (h/t @JamesCurle and @martinrickman).

Somewhere Tyler Hansbrough is wondering why he couldn't get this level of attention when one of his contacts fell out.

7. Jim Boeheim helps a Syracuse fan propose to his girlfriend...wait...what? (h/t @nunesmagician).

Our friends to the north at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician stumbled upon this incredible video below. You can fast forward to about halfway through, but man, is this something:

I'm not sure how my wife would've reacted if Jim Boeheim was there when I proposed to her, but to each their own, I suppose.

8. Hey Just no.

Hold on, I haven't stopped laughing at this. This is even worse than Phil Steele's constant insistence to make UNC his darkhorse candidate of every season.

9. Frank Beamer Dance Party REMIX! (h/t @Beamer_Ball).

This is not the first time Beamer has graced BTP with his dancing prowess. I felt like it needed a soundtrack added, so I created this:

10. Gary Neal shatters former Boston College star Jared Dudley's ankles (h/t @bryan_mears).

Good gracious. Felt like the following song was an appropriate soundtrack to add:

And now, for your moment of zen,


Honestly, I really wanted to go with that block from the State game many of y'all requested, but I never could get the video to sync up, so my apologies for that. I do have a close second however, where we step outside of the ACC into the NFL, and holy hell Cameron Wake - take it away JR!

See y'all in the new year!