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College football Week 15 schedule: Championship week kickoff times and TV information

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

One more weekend of the college football regular season and then we've got a two-week wait for the first set of bowl games on Dec. 20. There are a pair of conference title games on Friday night, beginning with the MAC. We didn't get much MACtion to speak of this season, so maybe they've saved it all for this moment. The former Fighting Dave Doerens will be battling the former Fighting Dave Clawsons.

Later on Rich Rodriguez will have a shot to give Arizona a Pac-12 title and nothing about any of that seems normal. If there is going to be some last-minute playoff-related chaos, it's gonna start here. Otherwise Oregon punches its ticket, with Alabama and Florida State having the opportunity to do the same on Saturday.

On Sunday, after the playoffs and Big 6 bowl games have been set, we can get on to the business of where NC State is going. The ACC is going to stream a live bowl selection show over the tubes, and that starts at 5:30 p.m. ET. I'll have that streaming link here on the blog when the time comes.

Fri, Dec 5, 2014
7:00 PM ET
Northern Illinois vs.
(MAC Championship)
Bowling Green
9:00 PM ET
(7) Arizona vs.
(Pac-12 Championship)
(2) Oregon
Sat, Dec 6, 2014
12:00 PM ET
Iowa State at (3) TCU
12:00 PM ET
Louisiana Tech vs.
(Conference USA Championship)
12:00 PM ET
Houston at Cincinnati
12:00 PM ET
SMU at Connecticut
3:30 PM ET
Oklahoma State at (20) Oklahoma
4:00 PM ET
(1) Alabama vs.
(SEC Championship)
(16) Missouri
7:30 PM ET
Temple at Tulane
7:45 PM ET
(9) Kansas State at (6) Baylor
8:00 PM ET
(13) Wisconsin vs.
(Big Ten Championship)
(5) Ohio State
8:00 PM ET
(4) Florida State vs.
(ACC Championship)
(11) Georgia Tech
10:00 PM ET
Fresno State vs.
(Mountain West Championship)
(22) Boise State