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The BTP curling pool: Hurry hard and pick the rest of the prelims

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The games in our initial batch of picks have not been finished yet, but we're getting ahead for the sake of convenience. Below are the rest of the games we'll be picking from the round robin portion of the tournament. We are switching to the ladies from here on out, and again the teams are seeded according to world ranking.

The results from Sochi up to this point are all available here.

The games don't start until midnight ET every day, so that's your deadline for picks for any given day of competition. Just be sure to note in the comments which picks correspond with which day. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS

(Pool scoring and such outlined here.)

If you happen to miss a day, you aren't DQ'd, but your odds of winning this prestigious competition decrease, of course.

Feb. 13

(2) Canada vs. (6) Denmark

(1) Sweden vs. (3) Switzerland

(4) Great Britain vs. (5) China

(7) USA vs. (9) Japan

(8) Russia vs. (10) South Korea

Feb. 14

(6) Denmark vs. (7) USA

(4) Great Britain vs. (9) Japan

(3) Switzerland vs. (8) Russia

(5) China vs. (10) South Korea

Feb. 15

(4) Great Britain vs. (10) South Korea

(2) Canada vs. (8) Russia

(1) Sweden vs. (7) USA

(5) China vs. (6) Denmark

(3) Switzerland vs. (4) Great Britain

Feb. 16

(2) Canada vs. (7) USA

(1) Sweden vs. (8) Russia

(6) Denmark vs. (10) South Korea

(3) Switzerland vs. (9) Japan

Feb. 17

(7) USA vs. (10) South Korea

(4) Great Britain vs. (8) Russia

(3) Switzerland vs. (5) China

(1) Sweden vs. (9) Japan

(5) China vs. (9) Japan