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Curling pool: Pick the medal games

Ryan Pierse

UPDATE: The medal games:

Gold medal game: (1) Canada vs. (2) Sweden

Bronze medal game: (3) Switzerland vs. (4) Great Britain

3:30 a.m. Thursday is the deadline for the last set of picks.

The playoffs are here, and the points are double! Four points for correctly picking the favorite, six for correctly picking the underdog. We got four games to go, beginning with these semifinal matchups:

(2) Sweden [7-2] vs. (3) Switzerland [5-4]

(1) Canada [9-0] vs. (4) Great Britain [5-4]

(Playoff seeds in parenthesis, prelim records in brackets.)

Those games begin at 5 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Feb. 19, so that is the deadline for picks.

Here are the current standings including just the folks who've made picks all (or most) of the way through:

Sandbagger -- 47
edzipperlin --45
Hooligan -- 40
thrillis4 -- 40
acc10k -- 38
Omega -- 36
ginger avenger -- 36
Akula -- 33
TundraWolf -- 28
chip -- 28
woth -- 24

Much left yet to be decided. Who will earn the title of greatest curling prognosticator in the known universe? Who will also earn a commemorative MS Paint drawing? Stay tuned.