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The BTP tourney pool is back

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The nation's most prestigious NCAA tourney pool is back, this year with more celebrity endorsements and participants than ever***.

(***Unverified claims.)

This here link should get you where you need to be to sign up. The password is "macrowave" (without the quotes). If need be, you can search for group 143338.

The winner will receive praise far and wide, plus a commemorative MS Paint drawing/certificate celebrating the occasion. Those drawings have been known to go for tens of thousands of dollars at auctions. Also, I might just be able to dig up a more tangible prize, but it won't be the "Fear the Blazer" shirts people are trying to sell on eBay right now, I promise you that.

The pool does not include picking the First Four games, so all picks are due by the start of the first Thursday session. As was the case last season, I'm using the standard Yahoo scoring with a seed differential bonus (so correctly picking a 12 over a five would earn a seven-point bonus).