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The #goacc Tournament of Champions Round of 32: East Regional

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee of one. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The East Regional was essentially straight chalk, with the exception of a massive upset from Boeheim Thriller Dance over the Syracuse fan missing a few buttons. That was the Dayton upset of this bracket, easily. However, a daunting matchup looms for Mr. Boeheim...anyways, to save all of y'all's computers from overloading like in the last round (sorry about that everyone!), the regions have been split into four posts, which you can access here:

South Regional

West Regional

Midwest Regional

The link to vote is at the bottom of the page through Survey Monkey. Once you've scrolled through the matchups, click there to vote!!

#1. Wanking Roy Williams Cardboard Cutout vs. #8. Hilarious NC State Craig's List Ad

Here's the Craig's List Ad.

Honestly, it should come as no surprise as this amazing vine dominated in the round of 64 matchup. I'd expect a similar performance against the Craig's List ad. As funny as that post is, it doesn't stand a chance against the Wanking Roy Williams Cardboard Cutout. Seeya in the Sweet 16, Roy.

#4. Tim Brando's "Forcing Defenders to Change their Pants" call vs. #5. Gerald Henderson Errant Pass

Man, what a [Vitale]SENSATIONAL MATCHUP[/Vitale] between two worthy opponents. Brando's broadcasting call of the year against this amazingly errant pass by Gerald Henderson. Got no idea who's going to come out on top here, but I imagine it will come down to the wire.

#3. Crazy Duke Fan vs. #11. Boeheim Thriller Dance

His mom didn't love him enough.

As I mentioned above, we've got a surprise visitor to the second round, but I think the Cinderella dream for Mr. Boeheim's tribute to Thriller ends here, as it's going to take a monumental effort to defeat this absolutely insane Duke fan.

#2. UNC Wrecking Ball Bro vs. #7. Washington/Turner Rebound Fail

Just don't see an upset here, folks. The UNC Wrecking Ball Bro's tribute to Miley Cyrus has too much offense for the Washington/Turner Rebound Fail. Bet we'll see a romp here.

Click here to Vote in the #goacc Round of 32 East Regional!