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How 'bout some hockey at Carter-Finley?

Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Outdoor hockey has been a success for the NHL and it seems like there will be more opportunities for teams to play in these games in the future--this season alone, they've held a half dozen games at outdoor venues, including the Big House (see photo above) and Dodger Stadium. Climate is no barrier!

The Carolina Hurricanes haven't participated in any of these games, but they happen to have the perfect venue right next door. General manager Jim Rutherford mentioned on Thursday that the team might try to set something up, eventually, at some point, maybe.

That's not exactly a firm commitment, but I'm gonna dream my dream. This would bring together two of my most favorite and infuriating things, and besides, it would be one time we could say we were able to buy beer at Carter-Finley. I also feel pretty good about filling the stadium to capacity, especially if, say, the Pittsburgh Penguins were the opponent. (Represent, Cary!) Or the Buffalo Sabres, I guess. If we must. /mutters angrily.