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The #goacc Moment of the Week (3/9/2014)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Despite being almost a week later by the time I posted about it, Jim Boeheim's eruption at Duke and all of the subsequent parodies claimed the #goacc throne last week, blowing away a fairly strong field of competition. This is our last week of regular season #goacc moments, so let's head into the ACC Tournament with a bang. Next week, I'll be announcing maybe my favorite creation ever for the postseason, so stay tuned! Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Akil Mitchell still airballing free throws.

Good heavens, even Ben Wallace didn't shoot free throws that terribly.

2. Is this the best example of Clemsoning ever? (h/t @gifdsports).

Pat yourself on the back, NC State Sheeeeeeeet's cousin. That's a hell of a day's work. And of course, Clemson lost in overtime. But wait, there's more from this game!

3. Pitt player should've been ruled down by contact before he fumbled.

Oh...wait. This is basketball. Pretty sure that's not what Jamie Dixon furiously scribbled on his marker board, guys.

4. The ACC Mascots had a pretty eventful day at the Greensboro Food Lion (h/t @DerekMedlin).

Nothing says ACC like sending school mascots to hang out with one of your corporate sponsors!

5. Greensboro had some issues with power outages during the ACC Women's Tournament (h/t @DerekMedlin, @SaintWarrick and @WXMoose).

Well, you're probably thinking that all of the nasty winter weather in that part of North Carolina was to blame, right? Nope. @WXMoose discovered the real culprit:

That's just mean, Boeheim.

6. Hey Mitch Kupchack, your thoughts on the Lakers? (h/t @Lakerholicz).


7. Tony Romo and Jason Garrett went to the UNC-Duke game because what? (h/t @ArmstrongABC11).

I mean, I guess Romo is the #goacc of NFL quarterbacks, but this is just weird.

8. General Washington's literal "Oh Shit!" Moment.

BRB, going to go watch this 100 more times.