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We have a tourney pool winner

Ronald Martinez

Congratulations to Jay, whose aptly named "This is How It's Done" entry took home first place with a pool-high 42 correct picks, with some decisive bonus points tossed in. There was little drama late this year since I don't think anybody had UConn or Kentucky in the title game (but shouts to the two brave individuals who picked NC State to go the distance), and nobody pegged more than two Final Four teams.

This victory of course comes with one free and exceptionally valuable MS Paint drawing to commemorate the moment, which will be added here later on once I've reached the proper creative zone (so when I've had a couple drinks, basically).

Update: Here is a cactus shooting a handgun off the moon at a UFO, which is shooting lasers at a husky driving a Ferrari. At least I think it's a husky. The idea was a dog, anyhow. Might be some sort of clumpy-ass dragon/vampire hybrid. Can't really tell.