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Finally, everyone's least favorite building at NC State will be torn down

Good riddance, Harrelson Hall!

Mr. Wuf is pumped about the news about the demise of Harrelson Hall
Mr. Wuf is pumped about the news about the demise of Harrelson Hall
Grant Halverson

REJOICE, fellow NC State alums! Your least favorite building on campus FINALLY has an end date in sight, it appears. According to this article from the News and Observer, Harrelson Hall's days are numbered:

N.C. State University is pulling together a detailed plan for tearing down Harrelson Hall, the endlessly-flawed cylindrical building that has visually dominated the university’s outdoor social hub, the Brickyard, for more than half a century. The demolition likely would happen in the summer of 2016.

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I was fortunate enough while at State that I only had a couple of classes in that wretched building (including a French class, because of course that makes sense), but many of my friends there were not as lucky. And hey, the person in this quote below looks familiar!

"The steps are just so steep, it’s really no fun to use them," said Steven Muma, a freelance writer who graduated in 2005 and had several classes in the building. "But the only alternative is the ramp, and once you get halfway up you’re just going around and around, and you start wondering why did I do this?"

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No kidding, those steps were a damn nightmare, Akula, but that ramp was indeed one of the most confusing architectural abominations ever created.

Let's send off that infuriating building in style, with a roast! Post your least favorite memories of Harrelson Hall in the comments below.

(via @NewsObserver@NewRaleigh)