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The #goacc Tournament of Champions: the Sweet Sixteen

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee of one. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Bruce Bennett

The Sweet Sixteen in the #goacc Tournament of Champions has been set, and boy do we have some tough decisions ahead. Three (!!) double-digit seeds made the Sweet Sixteen, all three pulling off upsets that, I'll be honest, surprised me quite a bit. Nevertheless, we must move on, as we march towards determining the #goacc Champion. Some absolutely titanic matchups here, folks. The best of the best in #goacc. Voting ends Friday night, so make sure to get as many people as you can to vote!! Vote here, or click the link below at the bottom of the post!


#1. Syracuse Benny Hill vs. #4. Mike London sends the worst recruiting video letter ever

While Mike London's hilariously stupid recruiting letter is a formidable opponent, I feel like this epic, epic fail from Syracuse will live in infamy for eternity. Think we'll be seeing that famous possession in North Texas.

#2. Will Graves busted for pot at Ol' Roy's house vs. #14. A series of ref fails

This is easily the most shocking matchup of the #goacc Tournament of Champions. I'm still stunned that the #14 seed snuck past Akil Mitchell's airballed free throw. Mr. Graves' unfortunate arrest has dominated past performances, and I think that will continue here too, but I've doubted the ref fails before, and they've proved me wrong each time. Guess it could win here, too.


#1. UNC Fan's Car get's stuck on stairs near Tucker Beach vs. #4. Duke/UNC Managers' Game Scuffle

Again, here's another worthy #4 seed that's probably going to be the victim of unfortunate seeding. Really don't see anyone defeating the UNC fan's car getting stuck on the stairs near Tucker least until the Final Four.

#2. #BattleCannon Xmas vs. #11 Tony Bennett compares UVA game atmosphere to Taylor Swift Concert

Another surprising bout in the Sweet Sixteen. Bennett's comparison has pulled off a couple of sizable upsets, and could be primed for another one here. Going to take a phenomenal performance to stop the BattleCannon's holiday spirit, though.


#1. Jim Boeheim's epic meltdown vs. #4. General Washington's "Oh Shit!"

The General barely defeated that awesome UVA story in the round of 32. His reward? A matchup with the top seed of Jim Boeheim's epic meltdown. Sorry General, but you're not crossing the Delaware, here.

#2. Camerawoman destroyed at Chick-Fil-A Bowl vs. #11. Maryland "Bojo'd" from ACC Tournament

This is a tough call here. The camerawoman vine is hysterical, but watching Maryland get booted out of the ACC by a Bojo dunk never gets old. Could see the #11 seed advancing to the Elite Eight.


#1. Wanking Roy Williams Cardboard Cutout vs. #4. Tim Brando's "Forcing Defenders to Change Their Pants" call

Continuing the recurring theme of the Sweet Sixteen matchups, here's yet another #4 seed that will likely fall victim to unfortunate seeding. Place Brando's amazing call against most of the other seeds left in the Sweet Sixteen, and it likely advances. Against the Wanking Roy Williams Cardboard Cutout? Not a damn chance.

#2. UNC Wrecking Ball Bro vs. #3. Crazy Duke Fan

His mom didn't love him enough.

This is the toughest pairing to predict in the Sweet Sixteen. Could be a close vote, and either one could blow out the other. Have literally no idea here, both are absolutely worth of moving on to the Elite Eight.

Remember, click here to vote!! See y'all for the Elite Eight on Saturday!

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