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APR scores released: NC State's in the clear, but there is one concern

Gregory Shamus

The NCAA released its annual APR report Wednesday, and no NC State programs look like they're in serious danger of receiving sanctions in the near future. Every program cleared the 930 threshold for multiyear APR (1000 is the highest possible score), with men's basketball checking in at 959 and football at 950. The lowest score of any program on campus is wrestling's 947.

Those are all rolling four-year numbers which currently include the APR scores from 2009-10 through 2012-13. If there is a worry, it's that men's hoops scored an ugly 868 in 2012-13, and next year the 980 from 2009-10 will come out of the multiyear calculation. State will need to post some good APR scores in the next couple years to make sure that 868 doesn't drag the team down to the 930 danger zone.

The NCAA's release on the APR scores is here, and it includes an example of how a score is calculated, if you're curious.