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LAST MINUTE VENUE CHANGE: UPDATED: IT'S ON! Charlotte Pack Backers, Let's Hook Up!(?)

I can not be the only one who lives here and is too cheap/poor to go to Raleigh on the weekends.

Always the Ducks.
Always the Ducks.
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Hey fellers! I am hoping that this isn't the post that gets my scribbling rights taken away by El Hefe, but I have been thinking about this for years and we just haven't put it together. Let's get together this weekend somewhere where the game will be televised in the greater Charlotte region. I personally prefer the south side of town, Ballantyne, Pineville, etc., but I am willing to go all the way to Center City to meet you fuckers. Sorry, I don't mess around north of Trade Street. Throw out your suggestions in the comments, and, even if this isn't the right weekend (is this one even ON TV?), let's put a location in play. Oh, and by the way, I guess I should go ahead and tell you all, I don't really KNOW all of these cheerleaders, but they would totally dig me if I did.

UPDATE: 9-10-14

I spoke to the manager of the Ballantyne Duckworth's. They do, indeed have the CBSSports Network, ch 221 on DirecTV which will be showing Saturday's game. I will get there around 3:00 and grab a 6 top in the bar area. If more than that show up, we will expand as necessary. They don't allow reservations on the weekend, so if one of you gets there before me, grab a big table in the bar area. Wear red, and I hope to see some of you there. I'll be the unkempt, gangly bastard in the NC State T shirt...

UPDATE TWO 9-13-14

My ride "doesn't want to go to Duckworth's" wahh wahh wahh. Hickory Tavern, Providence and 485. Hope you can make it.