WBB: ESPNw. Loves Our 2015 Class!

Wow! What a change in how ESPNw. feels about some of our players in our 2015 class. Four of our 2015 commits in their top 100. Rydeiah Roges with a scout's grade of 95 and with four stars! Their analyst finally saw what we have been seeing.

Rogers number 63; Amber Richardson number 72, scout's grade 95, four stars; Kaila Ealey number 75, scourt's grade 94, four stars; and Jonquanae Cole number 100, scout's grade 91, four stars.

Again, what a big change in how ESPNw. evaluates our class. We knew it was a good class, and now ESPNw. sees it. Waiting to find where our 2015 class ranks after signing date.

As pointed out in my evaluation of the 2015 class, Rogers, Richardson and Ealey were previously given a scout's grade of 90 with three stars by ESPNw. Cole was dropped by ESPNw. from number 50 to number 100 and from a scout's grade of 92 to a grade of 91. Cole kept her four star rating.