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The #goacc Moment of the Week (9/22/2014)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

*hides from Paul Johnson's rage*
*hides from Paul Johnson's rage*
Michael Shroyer

Hoo-boy. This was about as bad as a weekend for the ACC in football as it gets (way to lose to the traitorous Terps, Syracuse). And as bad as this terrible, no good, very bad weekend was for the ACC in college football, the stank seemed to permeate into professional football as well, as you'll see below shortly. We saw a hotly contested battle between the Duke-Kansas Kickoff flub and Wake Forest's backup QB driving his car onto the quad to pick up Subway, that ultimately ended in a tie. As I mentioned to @the_Jameson on Twitter today, if y'all though last week's vote was tough, this may be the most difficult choice any of y'all have in the history of the #goacc Moment of the Week (and that's saying something). At any rate, it's time to vote: which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Former NC State player Stephen Tulloch pulls the dreaded "Gramatica," tears ACL celebrating a sack (h/t @NCSU_99_17_24 and @KevinMccauley).

Ouch. That's a really rough way to go out. Our own @AkulaWolf summed it up nicely here:

Knees really are jerkwads. I've also obtained enhanced audio from the previous video above, which pretty much sums up the entire incident perfectly:

2. Steven Hauschka has a bizarre stretching routine (h/t @Steve_OS and @PeteBlackburn).

Whatever works, I guess. He seems to be doing pretty well for Seattle, but that is definitely a stretch I've never seen before.

3. Paul Johnson is FURIOUS (h/t @ncstatefootball).

If this is what Paul Johnson is like with a 4-0 team, I don't want to know what he'd be like with an 0-4 team. Good grief.

4. Oh great, this guy again (h/t @belkbowl).

Bet it's really hard to be a Supervisor of Morale when ECU is legitimately chokeslamming your team through the Spanish Announce Table (but seriously, how is that a job title?).

5. Poor Mike Glennon (h/t @SamWalkerOBX and SBNation).

This was not actually Glennon's fault, he just happened to get absorbed into the vortex of suckitude displayed by Tampa Bay last Thursday. While I am a fan of Yakety Sax being added to anything, the Looney Tunes theme here is utterly brilliant.

6. Here's Baldwin the Eagle assisting a BC student with shotgunning a beer (h/t @G_Gerrard5).

College really is the best, isn't it?

7. Jameis Winston, suspended for the game against Clemson, came out in pads anyway. Jimbo Fisher was clearly not amused (@gifdsports).

I'm sure this was due to a horrendous breakdown in communications between the University, football team and equipment staff, but the look on Jimbo's face when he sees Jameis fully suited up says it all.

8. Dabo Swinney needed some help counting players on the field from the officials (h/t @SPR).


Ref: *counts 12 players* "Twelve."


9. That's not an ideal pass, Miami (h/t @the_Jameson and @SBNationGIF).

Seems like you probably shouldn't dip your hand in olive oil before throwing a football, Miami.

10. Been there before, Dabo (h/t @RecordsANDRadio).

Not only did your team lose a brutal OT game to Florida State, but you had to do it sitting in that humidity. Oof.