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The #goacc Moment of the Week (9/8/2014)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

"Looking at NC State's defense like"
"Looking at NC State's defense like"
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Another full week of college football in the books led to another tremendous slate of #goacc entries on today's docket. Hopefully we can get even more votes this week, as over two hundred of you voted last week that Dave Clawson's team performance in his first game as coach as the runaway winner. Will we see another dominating performance, despite the fact that most of these entries below could win on any given week? Also, will someone please explain to me why the cheerleader above is so mad? Gracious. Anyways, let's get down to business - which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Boston College student runs on field, nobody cares (h/t @_brownsugah).

There's so much apathy around BC athletics, not even the stadium security gives a crap. Then again, I suppose it wouldn't be that surprising to see a kid in shorts handing out water to athletes and checking media credentials, since UNC had a coach wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey on the sidelines last week.

2. Welcome to "Switzer"land guy is the worst (h/t @DerekMedlin).


3. This VT fan is really invested in capturing the moment (h/t @the_jameson and @SBNationGIF).

I can't say I would've acted any differently - beating Ohio State on the road is a hell of an accomplishment.

4. Here's an assistant coach for Notre Dame fist pumping to Turn Down for What (h/t @cjzero).

BRB, going to go watch this on loop for hours.

5. Fire this ref, right damn now (h/t @RyanTice and @TheWolfpacker).

So irritating that this happens at least a few times a year.

6. This poor BC bro.

Cheer up, pal - next time you can just hang out on the sidelines and hand out Gatorade to players!

7. Philip Rivers is really excited to be a part of the SNF intro video (h/t @recordsandradio).

The only thing Rivers needs more in this shot is a bolo tie.

8. Louisville assistant coach trolls the hell out of Miami (h/t @saintwarrick and @jensantijamison).

That's just well done. Y'all will fit in just fine around here.

9. Paul Johnson has some interesting television viewing habits (h/t @GTPaulJohnson).

I think we all know how Paul Johnson looks at his TV when Naked and Afraid comes on - just like he looks at everything else.

10. Is this the worst Technician column ever? (h/t @akulawolf).

Look, if you're going to go full troll, go full troll - don't clarify what you actually think at the end of the column, regardless of how ridiculous your position is.