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If Tom O'Brien had a blog, what would he call it?

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Recently Tom O'Brien joked that since he is now retired, he may move to establish his own web presence. I think this is a tremendous idea, one that he could take in any number of directions.

"Maybe I'll write a blog," O'Brien said wryly. "It can't be that hard."

You guys were pondering last week what a TOB blog might be called; here's a sampling:

Tom O'Brien's Grammar Corner
The Triple Play
America, Football, And Properly Pleated Khakis
The *Sniff* Report

Which got me to thinking about the subject as well, and I was able to come up with these additional ideas:

Tom O'Bloggin'
Charleston Chats
Ginger Jangles
Tom's Touchdown Tales

Probably missing a lot still, but TOB is still workshopping big-picture blog concepts, so there's more guesswork in the titles than I would typically like. Any other good ideas out there?