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The #goacc Moment of the Week (1/13/2015)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Whew, y'all. I'm still trying to relax after the craziness of last week's epic post of entries, which many of you noted in the comments was one of the toughest slate of entries we've ever had here on BTP. What does that say then, about how dominate the Jameis Winston memes were against all of that competition? Hell, that whole post could've been a region by itself in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. Moving on, we've got another tremendous group of #goacc contenders this week, as well as some bone shattering BAH GAWD Moments of the Week from our good pal Jim Ross. Let's get right down to it - which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. This Marshall Plumlee photograph is incredible.

Some of you may have noticed that I mentioned I wanted to take that Kyle Washington incredible mean mug picture and pair it with something...well this picture provided exactly what I needed:

2. The latest edition of Mean Tweets Read by Athletes has some incredible ACC reactions (h/t @JimmyKimmelLive).

Between Brian Kelly reading someone calling him an angry leprechaun, or Lou Holtz's reaction to the mean tweet he read, or Mark May reading someone's going to bring him a bag of poop, or Jimbo Fisher's reaction, I'm not sure what's funnier. Although, Herbstreit at the end is pretty damn hilarious too.

3. The Technician used the headline of the year in describing the win over Duke.

Not much else needs to be said here. Bravo, guys. Bravo indeed.

4. Carlos Boozer eloquently sums up the 2014-15 Los Angeles Lakers (h/t @world_wide_wob).

This is just spectacularly bad. Whenever the Knicks have to play the Lakers this year, remind me not to turn on my television.

5. Adidas recently became Miami's uniform provider. They've already ruined their uniforms.

I mentioned on Twitter that these cleats look strikingly like an old Mountain Dew logo. Gross. Want to see something even worse? Look at these custom jerseys Adidas made specifically for noted Hurricanes fan, Snoop Dogg:

You can tell I'm not exactly a fan of these. Even if these were specifically made for Snoop, it certainly shouldn't make Canes fans feel better about the path Adidas is going to take with these uniforms.

6. Tim Brando wants everyone to know how hip he is to the current music scene (h/t @joeovies).

Still not quite as good as this gem from last March, but pretty hysterical nonetheless.

7. Former Clemson player Trevor Booker scores the craziest basket you'll see all year (h/t to our own @UMWolfpack87 and @SBNation).

Booker just disproved the theory that you needed more than 0.3 seconds to shoot a basketball. I literally can't stop watching this. How the hell did that ball go in?

8. I have a lot of questions about this guy in the stands at UNC (h/t @dijana_kunovac).

Why on earth does he have a red cord phone with him? What is that? Who does that? My mind is blown by this.

9. Good job, good effort Atlanta Journal Constitution (h/t @MagnaCarterLive).

At least you got Georgia right. Otherwise, that's a pretty pathetic effort there y'all.

10. Florida State Basketball in a nutshell (h/t @WillsWorldMN).

Poor Leonard Hamilton. I'd say he looks upset, but that's the face he makes all the time.

And now, for your moment of zen...


We had a very late submission join an already ridiculous moment, so we'll start with the latecomer first. Poor Pau Gasol:

He's probably thinking, at least I'm not on the Lakers anymore. For our next moment called by the Great One, we jump across the Pond to this wild European league game, where an idiot fan tried to reenact the Malice at the Palace. We'll let Jim Ross fill in the rest:

Have a great week everyone!