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The Trevor Lacey Nickname Saga Continues

But I think we have a winner.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

After much brainstorming and debate, even the collective wisdom of the BTP community--a community with unparalleled collective wisdom--failed in its quest to adhere a nickname that stuck to one Mr. Trevor Lacey. And then, thanks to this piece right here, the obvious solution to our woes reared its head like a beer in a dry town, like sex with an actual woman to an inmate, something that is good. Really good.

No, not a nag arm; rather, an anagram. Cue epiphany music.

I present to you several options, none of which will be nearly as good as the one, true, best option, which will be saved for last:

Care Love Try

Lacey's 60.9% true shooting percentage and 124.1 offensive efficiency despite a heavy workload (23.4 %usage rate) is the very embodiment of Care Love Try. He's out there with the caring and the trying and he is, most importantly, doing, so there is much love to go around. Additionally, Care Love Try can form a roll-off-the-keypad abbreviation that is perfect for the loveblog typist who doesn't want to miss a minute of the action. Step back three with the defender all up in his grill: CLT!!!!!!!

Carver Ye Lot

Obvious enough: Lacey is carving up the whole lot of ye (or yinz as they say in Pittsburgh). For efficient loveblogging, this is easily shortened to simply Carver.

Rectal Rev Yo

I mean who doesn't enjoy a little rectal rev every now and then, amirite? What I meant to say was, boy, that Lacey really gets everyone out of their seats.

Clear Yore TV

Lacey is most certainly must-see TV, so make sure your DVR has some available memory, but yore is not your and thus this liberty risks inviting the wrath of Tom O'Brien.

Car Every Lot

This would have been his nickname had he transferred to UNC.

Cry Over Late

I just did this because I am a jerk and wanted everyone to relive the Wofford game.


And now, without further ado, I present to you Trevor Lacey's glorious anagram-inspired nickname: Taco Revelry.

While fully expecting near unanimous acceptance of this moniker--you know you cannot wait to seemingly randomly shout out "TACO!" over and over again Thursday night, much to the bewilderment of all of those nearby--I am nothing if not an ardent supporter of democracy. Thusly, I present to you a poll: