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Steve Sarkisian finished at Southern Cal, Steve Spurrier out at South Carolina

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

This has been the sort of Monday that comes in December, not the middle of October. There are now four vacant power-conference head coaching positions, with the announcements Monday that Steve Sarkisian was terminated by Southern Cal and Steve Spurrier opted to retire, effective immediately, from South Carolina.

Sarkisian's departure was a matter of time after the ugly affair over the weekend, and the leaked stories that came with it. But Spurrier's quick exit is surprising even in light of the Gamecocks' struggles this season. With those two out, plus the ouster of Randy Edsall on Sunday and Tim Beckman's pre-season canning, we're in a bizarre spot, by college football standards.

Mid-season firings are not standard practice in college sports the way they are in some professional sports, and this could lead us into a particularly crazy coaching carousel season. Because there are more jobs that will open. Virginia will be one. Miami and Virginia Tech could open. How about Purdue? Rutgers? Iowa State?

None are premium jobs, with the exception of Southern Cal, which is why this is going to be more interesting, and why we may end up having to pay more attention to all of this than we'd like. It's not necessarily the first-order chaos that grabs you, after all; sometimes you get hit by the second- or third-order chaos. Once a couple of these schools make hires, who knows how significant the reverberations might be.