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The #goacc Moment of the Week (10/22/2015)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

"Damn Miami, you call this a sellout?"
"Damn Miami, you call this a sellout?"
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

After an abridged version last week, we're once again back with another full slate of tremendous #goacc entries. Not sure if we'll see quite the blowout we saw last week with last week's winner, the Wake-BC game, but I think I have an idea of who might win this week. Our good buddy JR is back again this week, and he's got some thoughts on that insane ending to the Michigan-Michigan State game. And with that, it's time to vote. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week?

1. Fox Sports gave UNC's Shakeel Rashad a new nickname (h/t @JTobben).

For some reason I read Shaktastic in the same voice as the narrator guy from Halo multiplayer. "SHAKTACULAR!" I'm a nerd, I know. Let's move on.

2. So how are the players in Miami doing these days? (h/t @clarkdocvet).

Wonder what play that hand signal is used for.

3. Refs apparently missed a blatant false start in the VT-Miami game (h/t @SowderVT).

Clearly the funniest part of this whole video is how far across the line of scrimmage the VT player runs just to prove a point that the Miami player clearly flinched...and he still didn't get the call.

4. The ACC Network featured a pretty hilarious misspelling (h/t @IAmSpilly).


5. Verizon has legitimately no idea where UNC plays football (h/t @wmgadd).

Brands should just stop tweeting in general.

6. This Mets fan wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt is so prepared for a foul ball he has not one but TWO gloves (h/t @RFVick).

Why...why is it ever necessary to wear two baseball gloves to a game? It's not like there are going to be so many foul balls coming his way at once that he needs to use both hands. Good grief.

7. If you've ever wanted a Duke basketball jersey as a snuggie, today is your lucky day! (h/t @the_Jameson).

This has got to be one of the silliest pieces of merchandise ever created. Right down to the sleeves that are supposed to look like arms. But hey, you can be the "MVP" now!

8. Miami claimed this was a sellout (h/t @banditref).

Look, we've made fun of Miami's attendance issues several times here on the #goacc Moment of the Week, but it's been awhile, and this needs to be made fun of again. Seriously, there's only but so many ways to spin attendance, but you can't possibly say this is a sellout with a straight face.

9. Think you might be off by a few years there, Buzz! (h/t @KelsonRand).

I know Beamer is your colleague and all, but you don't have to butter him up that much, Buzz! Geez.

10. Pretty sure that's not Matt Johns, WRAL (h/t @GrizzlySplitter).

I could be wrong, but I'm fairly confident that's not UVA, either.

And now, for your moment of wrasslin'...


After a week off, good ol' JR is back, and he just so happened to watch that crazy ending between Michigan State and Michigan. Without further ado, take it away, JR!

See y'all next week!