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Let's take a deeper look at Boston College: A Q&A with A.J. Black of BC Interruption

A.J. writes for BC's SBNation site, BC Interruption, and was kind enough to take some time to answer our questions about the upcoming road trip to Chestnut Hill. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter @BCHysteria. Also, make sure to check out my answers to his questions here.

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BTP: It goes without saying that the Eagles' defense is nothing short of spectacular. I saw some banter on Twitter the other night between some other ACC schools about what they would trade to get BC's defense, and let's just say it was a lot. What is it about the Eagles defense, in your opinion, that makes that unit so sensational, and who should Pack fans be worried about?

AB: I think what makes the defense so dangerous is the depth and talent BC has at almost all positions. For the first time in years BC has a legit secondary to complement an elite front seven. On the line you are going to want to watch out for the two massive tackles, Connor Wujciak and Truman Gutapfel, both whom are stifling against the run. Steven Daniels and Matt Milano are about as good as it gets at the linebacker position, Daniels being possibly one of the best in the ACC. In the secondary watch out for Isaac Yiadom, a large cornerback who is as close to a shut down corner as BC has ever had, and John Johnson who is coming into his own at safety.

BTP: On the other side of the ball, how frustrating has it been knowing you have this world class defense while the offense has struggled mightily?

AB: It has been incredibly frustrating. There have been a myriad of reasons why BC has struggled. A ton of injuries have taken out the presumed starters in two major positions, offensive Todd Fitch's gameplan has been mind numbingly simplistic, and there just isn't the developed talent there to put up points. If BC could even put up 17-20 points a game BC would be a bowl eligible team, and it's just horribly depressing watching the defense play at an elite level and the offense playing at the complete opposite of that.

BTP: This is Addazio's third season with the Eagles - what's the overall feeling among the fanbase about his tenure so far?

AB: It depends on who you ask. The knee jerk reaction out of some is to call for his head, which is a bit ridiculous given that he took over an organization with very litttle and took them to two straight bowls. Others are frustrated, especially about the direction of the offense, which is understandable because the offense is terrible and this team is borderline unwatchable. For most level headed fans next year is going to be the year when we either buy or sell on Addazio.

BTP: Do the Eagles have any major injuries they're dealing with right now?

AB: Oh we certainly do. Preseason starters quarterback Darius Wade and running back Jon Hilliman are out for the season, which is never easy to lose. BC just lost starting cornerback Kamrin Moore against Louisville when he broke his leg. Backup quarterback Jeff Smith also has an upper body injury but he should be good to go.

BTP: For Pack fans that are traveling up to Boston, what are some good local spots they need to check out?

AB: Well for opposing fans Cityside is the bar to go to, as most opposing fan bases hit that bar up before the game. For a good beer and atmosphere I'm a fan of White Horse in Alston, tons of TVs (probably all on pro sports) and pool. Or you can head next door to Sunset Grille to try one of their 100+ beers.

BTP: Let's get a prediction on the game.

AB: I don't see BC winning this, the offense is just a mess. I'll say NC State wins 21-10 off some BC mistake on offense, and a long pass.

Many thanks to A.J. for swinging by to talk about the game with us. Again, make sure to give him a follow @BCHysteria, and make sure to read my responses to his questions over on BC Interruption.