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The #goacc Moment of the Week (11/6/2015)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

This is the face of a man that will fight anybody.
This is the face of a man that will fight anybody.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hell of a battle last week between some incredible competition, but ultimately funky Paul Johnson pulled out the victory. With that being said, let's just go ahead and say that this week's entry is going to have some absolute doozies for y'all to choose from, and I think you all know of at least one I'm talking about. This is one of those weeks where some of the other entries would probably win if they weren't going up against the entry I referenced above. Anyways, we're also formally debuting the new #suregrin award, and we've got a pretty hilarious BAH GAWD moment to close out the week. And with that, it's time to vote. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. WRAL made all of the released documents from the UNC scandal searchable, and the results were amazing (h/t @Civilian_Wolf).

Y'all, I can't even with this email. The fact that Jimmy here outright tries to make a correlation that his tutoring abilities will suffer if he can't swim is just too much for me to handle. I was literally in tears after reading that. Bigtime kudos to Tim for doing a lot of reading of the #UNCDocs.

2. Can we please talk about Iman Shumpert's hair? (h/t @KennyDucey).

Dude, you have a great look with the massive high top fade. Don't mess that up.

3. ESPN thinks NC State plays in the "ACC Central" (h/t @wmgadd).

You had one job, production truck graphics guy. Not only did you not know which division NC State is in for ACC Football, but the one you listed doesn't even exist. That's a special kind of terrible. Speaking of ESPN...

4. The ESPN ACC Twitter account remains awful (h/t @willembahh).

Does anyone proofread anything at that company? Good grief.

5. Miami beat Duke on a wild kickoff return as time expired that should've never counted, part 1 (h/t @jgravelyWRAL).

By now, all of you have seen the wild video in its entirety of the 8 lateral return that Miami used to beat Duke. Only, as we all know, it absolutely should've never counted. This slow-mo clip is exhibit A why - you can clearly see the Miami player is down. This isn't hard. Things only got more #goacc from there.

6. The refs in the Miami-Duke game were spectacularly incompetent (h/t @willbrinson).

I mean, what? How the hell does that even happen? And is there any way at all, even after these refs come back from their suspension that any team will feel comfortable having this same crew on the field? Hell no. There's no way the conference should let this crew officiate any game ever again. But just when you think there's no way this conference could be dumber, this next item happened.

7. The ACC named Corn Elder the Specialist of the Week for scoring the winning touchdown that should've never counted against Duke (h/t @mcmurphyESPN).

I honestly don't even have words for how amazingly incompetent this is. Either someone in charge of this stuff at the ACC is amazingly dense, or they just felt like grinding their boots further onto Duke's couch. Good heavens.

8. Noted Duke enthusiast Rob Lowe probably should've kept watching the game (h/t @mrko_84).

Marko here made the joke everyone was thinking.

9. Brian Kelly is a raving lunatic (h/t @Deadspin).

This goes beyond even threat level magenta. Kelly was so angry he turned a shade of purple there not currently visible on the color spectrum. I can't imagine what it's like to work for that crazy dude.

10. A Louisville WR got pooped on by a bird during an interview (h/t @UofLSheriff50).

Not sure anything else needs to be said here. This is just hysterical.

the #suregrin award.

Last week I mentioned I was going to debut a new segment here on the #goacc Moment of the Week, inspired by a UNC fan's poor attempt to spell the word "chagrin." Well, it didn't take long to find a winner for the inaugural award!

Folks, if I can give a piece of advice - if you're going to email radio personalities, for the love of humanity proofread what you send. Good grief.

And now, for your moment of wrasslin'...


Ol' JR took the week off, but we've got a tremendous video here of some DIII coaches doing their best wrasslin' impersonations (h/t to @DerekMedlin).

See y'all next week!