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Boston College: The Morning After with Omega

Ain't gonna be no letdown.

Somebody has a sad.
Somebody has a sad.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Nooners do not agree with The Boy's soccer schedule, so I only caught snippets of the game in real time. I've been incredibly fortunate to only have had one other conflict (Wake Forest, though I saw 80% of it) all season. Next year, when we're ranked number one, all of the games should be in primetime, so that will be nice. (What's that? Somehow #1 Clemson and FSU didn't even get a primetime slot? #goacc)

Anyhoo, I could get used to this winning comfortably on the road thing. Two more Ws and State eclipses last year's regular season win total. Onwards and upwards!

The good:

  • Dude, we're goin' bowlin'.
  • TOB won seven league road games in six seasons; CDD has won four of his last five league road games, a sure sign of progress.
  • In fact, State's four road wins are its most in 13 years.
  • BC came in allowing 13.3 points per game (good for third in the nation); we got 24.
  • BC came in allowing 1.9 yards per rush (good for first in the nation by over half a yard); we averaged 4.2 per carry.
  • Lest you think the stat above is Howard-inflated, BC was only allowing 2.18 ypc in ACC play, including games against Clemson and Florida State, and the Pack were well above five per carry after Reggie Gallaspy's third-quarter score prompted a bit of a "we got this one" conservatism in the play calling.
  • The deep ball is a thing we apparently can do, as evidenced by the 83-yard bomb to Maurice Trowell.
  • BC came in averaging 3.33 sacks per game (good for seventh in the nation) but managed to pull down Jacoby Brissett just once despite going against a retooled Pack offensive line missing suspended starter Will Richardson.
  • Meanwhile, Mike Rose and company were getting their sack on with impunity; the senior defensive end recorded two of State's five sacks, and the defense threw BC for a loss 13 times.
  • The oft-maligned secondary secured three interceptions.
  • Kyle Bambard made a field goal!
  • We almost had a brand new category: FAT GUY TOUCHDOWN! Alas, Eurndraus Bryant not only came up a wee bit short, but he also coughed it back to BC in the process. It was fun while it lasted, though I wouldn't expect to see the 350-pounder plunging in Fridge style on goal line packages any time soon.

The bad:

  • After the solid performance running the ball against some grown-ass men, it's hard to complain too much, but I hoped to see Jaylen Samuels perform a little more Jay-Sammishly. He had just 32 yards on eight carries (and an unexplosive 38 yards on seven catches). And he only had one touchdown (the shame!). It looks like the post-Shad/post-Dayes era will feature more of a committee, and Gallaspy, Nyheim Hines, and Dakwa Nichols should only get better with experience, but I was hoping for a 20+ touch, 150+ yard breakout from BTP's mancrush.
  • Two turnovers is not great, Bob (though easier to stomach since we were still +2).
  • I'm starting to grasp at straws here...uh...five penalties?
  • Ooh I got kind of another one: It would have been nice to keep the clean sheet and record two shutouts in a season for the first time since 1991. (Research!)

The ugly:

  • Boston College

We have ourselves a road juggernaut here folks. Throw down all of your retirement savings on the Pack to cover in Tallahassee.