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The #goacc Moment of the Week (12/17/2015)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Well I'm back everyone! A big, big thanks to Steven for covering for me last week while I was on vacation, which turned out to be a hell of a #goacc week. Clemson's punter, who decided to go into SUPER HERO MODE and failed miserably pulled away in a convincing victory, where we had our highest vote total of the month! Moving on to this week, we've got a tremendous slate of entries for you to vote on, as well as a fantastic BAH GAWD and more. And with that, it's time to vote. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Come on Jeopardy contestants, this is unacceptable (h/t @sammiemar).

I can't sum this up better than Bart did here, because he's 100% spot on:
If that had actually happened, that would've gone viral in a heartbeat and damnit I'm sad thinking about it, let's move on.

2. Justise Winslow used Wikipedia to get through his one year at Duke.

Obviously he's being facetious here, which is hilarious, but I'm sure there are idiots out there who are trying to use this as supposed evidence for the NCAA to start investigating Coach K. They probably called into Adam and Joe on 99.9 screaming, "JOEEEEEEEEEEE FIRST TIME CALLER HERE HEY LISSEN THIS IS THE PROOF THE NCAA NEEDS THAT RAT IS CHEATIN'  LUV THE SHOW WHAT YOU THINK IMMA HANGUP AND LISSEN."

3. J.J. Redick abruptly leaves postgame interview in hilarious fashion (h/t @sbnation).

If you check the article linked there, you'll see there's a bit of backstory to this, where there's a new thing this year with the Clippers where the last person in the locker room has to dance. How none of these dances have made it on social media yet is amazing, and I'm guessing that ol' J.J. here realllllllllyyyyyyyy didn't want to dance. Perhaps the other players are trying to make it so he ends up being last soon, and he'll be the one they put on social media, which would be hysterical.

4. Digger Phelps in an amazingly ornate costume for the Nutcracker performed at halftime of the Notre Dame Women's game (h/t @marchmadness).

There, SO much happening here. Is there video of this? Please tell me there's video of this!

5. Cat Barber beat High Point with a last second shot, started trending on Twitter, and some users were very disappointed that it was not because of an actual person who cuts the hair of cats.

If you happened to search "Cat Barber" on twitter right after the win last night, you'd have seen several tweets just like these below here:

That last one's a wee bit morbid, mr. Nien Nunb, but I definitely laughed way too hard. Y'all feel free to post more in the comments below if you see them!

6. Okay, who at the Wolfpack Club approved this Christmas card? (h/t @wmgadd).

I mean..............mayyyyyyyyyybe y'all should've used a different sentence there. I'm just sayin'.

7. This is an actual tattoo of Dabo Swinney that someone paid money for (h/t @sbnation). he possessed? What's with those eyes? He looks like he's about to turn into a White Walker from Game of Thrones with eyes like that. Also, did Mike Judge draw that tattoo? This doesn't even look like Dabo, it looks like some random extra from Beavis and Butthead that got terrorized by that dumbass duo.

the #suregrin award.

At first, it seemed like a done deal to give this to a certain troll writer that works for The Sporting News after she wrote a blisteringly stupid post comparing Debbie Yow to Donald Trump because Yow thought kids should be more financially responsible and not purchase hoverboards. But, I don't want to link to her article and give her clicks (which is what she wants), nor am I going to include the reprehensible photoshop that was included on that article, for which Sporting News should be absolutely embarrassed.

Instead, I'm going to ignore that horrendously awful columnist and instead award this week's #suregrin award to DJ Khaled, who had a rough day at sea:

(sidenote: if you don't follow that account, you're missing out on one of the strangest and funniest places on Twitter).

The best photoshops of the week!

A lot of horse fans on twitter (seriously, how the hell is HORSE TWITTER a thing? The Internet is so damn weird) were INCREDIBLY salty that American Pharaoh did not win Sports Illustrated's Person of the Year (it instead went to Serena Williams, who 100% deserved to win). Well, as tends to happen on Twitter, the Triple Crown winner then got the Crying Jordan treatment:

Speaking of Crying Jordan, as a thanks to Steven for covering for me last week, I gave High Point's coach the same treatment:

Finally, in preparation for the Force Awakens this weekend (squeeee!!!!!!), let's go to the photoshop Jedi Master, Weather Moose with a brilliant mashup of Emperor Palpatine and John Swofford:

Just utterly fantastic.

And now, for your moment of wrasslin'....


We head to the NBA this week, where noted nutpunching enthusiast Chris Paul took a bit of a tumble in the game a few days ago. Or...was it just a tumble? Some enhanced footage has been unearthed!


See y'all next week!