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The #goacc Moment of the Week (2/24/2015)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Last week saw a neck and neck battle that ultimately ended with the huge bill Duke sent to UNC for damage repairs to the visitors' locker room narrowly defeating that stupid as hell hot take from One Foot Down. It's been a quieter week this week in terms of #goacc, which is quite frankly the first quiet week there's  been here on BTP in quite some time. Nevertheless, we've still got a tremendous slate of entries for you to vote on, as well as THREE Jim Ross BAH GAWDs, because really, one is never enough. With that said, let's get right down to it - which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. Buzz Williams wants everyone to know he's on Snapchat.

Ummm....does Buzz know what Snapchat is primarily used for?

2. That's not where the basket is, Florida State (h/t to our own @akulawolf).

Just a smidge more to the right and you might have had it. Good effort though!

3. Pretty sure that haircut is a violation of subsection 8, paragraph 78-W1 of the ACC Logo Handbook (h/t @ACCFencing).

I mean clearly, the handbook states the lettering has to be italicized at an exact angle. Come on y'all GET IT TOGETHER!!

4. This is the worst response ever given on Jeopardy (h/t @UNCGrad_99).

Not only is that not even remotely close to the right answer, for the umpteenth time, RALEIGH-DURHAM IS NOT A PLACE. Good grief.

5. Syracuse retires the jersey of Roosevelt Bouie, misspells his name on the jersey (h/t @nunesmagician).

Nobody thought to proofread this? Isn't one of the most important parts of retiring someone's jersey making sure that the right number is used and that the name is spelled correctly? I'll tell y'all what, Syracuse has really embraced #goacc the most out of all the new members.

6. This may shock you, but Georgia Tech lost another heartbreaking game (h/t @MarkEnnis and @RecordsAndRadio).

If you haven't already, look up GT's record in close games in the ACC this season. Go ahead, I'll wait. Back already? Pretty atrocious, huh. Pretty sure punting was not what Brian Gregory drew up to try and win the game.

7. They'll never let go of the Big East! (h/t @tjbasalla).

Why on earth do these shirts exist other than to end up in people's garages as rags they use to wipe down their car after it's been washed? Just imagine if the GoPack store sold shirts to commemorate a home game against Clemson, or Florida State. Who cares?

8. This UVA fan sure is mad about something (h/t @jamescurle).

Good gracious, calm down dude. It's not like y'all don't have a commanding lead in conference play or anything. I know watching UVA basketball can be excruciating sometimes, but chill man.

9. There's a lot happening on the back of this car here (h/t @aadelsonESPN).

Clearly a Wake Forest fan/alum living in Miami that also likes Florida State. Wait, what?

10. Lou Holtz singing the fight song! (h/t @ncsu_99_17_24 and @ChelsaMessinger).

Seriously lost it when Holtz said, "You got it." That's tremendous, Chelsa.

And now, for your moment of zen(s),


Strap in folks because we've got THREE doozies here from our favorite wrasslin' commentator. First, let's start off with frequent winner of the BAH GAWD, BeeJay Anya:

Absolutely earth shattering block. At this rate I may have to make a Jim Ross supercut for clips just featuring Anya. Lord knows he's got a few of them!

Moving on, good Ol' JR takes us to a battle between Georgia and Alabama, where we see someone get absolutely obliterated:

That sure did feel like that guy was getting run over with an ambulance. Good gracious. Finally, we end in the NBA, where Demarcus Cousins was utterly determined to dunk all over somebody:

Have a great week y'all!