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Villanova's Crying Piccolo Girl makes appearance on The Tonight Show

NC State made it onto The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon ... I mean, sort of. Monday night's show included an appearance by noted Villanova sports enthusiast Roxanne Chalifoux, who was caught by television cameras crying in the moments after the Wolfpack's victory became final.

The best part of this video comes when Fallon mentions that it was NC State that beat the Wildcats, and a few people in the audience start cheering. Way to go, you anonymous heroes! And you created a funny moment, so that's a bonus. And we're terribly sorry again, Piccolo Girl. That was pretty funny though.

Incidentally, the head writer of The Tonight Show, A.D. Miles, is an NC State alumnus (you may remember him from such movies as Role Models).

Anyway, I hope we've seen the last of NC State sports bringing someone to tears, unless that person is me after we've made it into the Final Four. It's totally fine in that case; I really wouldn't mind at all.