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Can BeeJay Anya develop his offensive game in 2015-16?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

BeeJay Anya is an easy player to like. Usually smiling and always properly utilizing his immense wingspan to block shots, Anya has been an enjoyable contributor to watch the past two seasons. And the LSU shot, we can't forget the LSU shot. That round of 64 game-winner solidified Anya's status to Wolfpack fans.

But ranting about Anya's personality or high moments isn't the point of this post. What I'm curious about is whether or not the big man can improve his offensive game. Weight has limited his minutes, he logged 11.8 per game during his first year and 19.4 in his sophomore run, and he only averaged 4.5 points per game last season. But to Anya's credit, part of why his minutes jumped was because he did shed some unnecessary pounds.

Here's to hoping this offseason features a similar workout plan. Look, Anya blocked an average of 2.5 blocks every game in 2014-15, and his presence alone instills fear into would-be drivers. Maybe that's the biggest positive aspect he brings to the table. But this enormous individual wasn't an ESPN top 100 recruit solely because of his defense. Mark Gottfried had to have envisioned giving the big man post passes for finishes when he recruited him.

And Anya has shown flashes. What was lost on that LSU buzzer-beater was the finesse skill of the move. We can debate if that was a fluke occurrence or revelation of talent, but Anya's footwork, spin move and soft hook-shot created a beautiful sequence. Harnessing that ability would do wonders for NC State. No one's asking for a double-double average, but even 9-10 points per game and an offensive post threat would improve the team.

With Trevor Lacey gone, the Wolfpack's perimeter attack won't be quite as deadly. Anthony Barber and Terry Henderson will rack up buckets no doubt, and maybe a Shaun Kirk or Martin twin emerge with a significant role, but NC State will need at least some post production. Abdul-Malik Abu is a candidate. The same applies to Lennard Freeman. Just don't forget about Anya, the massive shot-blocker with an offensive game he's yet to fully reveal.