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An NC State fan got a 'UNCCHE@T' license plate because of course

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Mark this among the things that were inevitable the second Marvin Austin tweeted UNC on its way to scandal: someone has gotten themselves a custom license plate to remind fellow motorists that the University of North Carolina did a whole bunch of cheatin'.

But this as a missed opportunity, what with the lack of creativity in going with a nickname that was dead on arrival.

(h/t Richard)

I mean, you could really go next-level with this if you wanted to. Like maybe FLWCHRTS, or simply TAMI. Or AFAMSHAM. Yes, totally, who is going to get AFAMSHAM? I will give you a high five if you do. And hey, how do you say "cheaters" in Swahili? Would that fit on a license plate?

There's so much material lying around, we as a schadenfreude-loving, license-plate-concocting fan base should be able to put our heads together and do better than UNCCHE@T. (And I assume the use of the @ here means 'UNCCHEAT' was already taken, so there's at least a couple of these iterations out there.) Perhaps this could be the subject of a panel during the next Wolfpack Club Caravan.