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The #goacc Moment of the Week (1/13/2016)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

This is the face I make every time I have to listen to our strength and conditioning coach
This is the face I make every time I have to listen to our strength and conditioning coach
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

While other entries put up a valiant effort last week, come on, we all knew the drunk UNC fan taking a spill down the steps at the Dean Dome was going to win in a runaway, and it did. That's up there for me with the legendary Uncle and his trip to Tucker Beach. Moving on to this week, we've got some fantastic contestants for you to vote on, as well another dunce of a #suregrin award winner. We'll close with some great photoshops from this past week, and yet another BAH GAWD! Let's get right down to it - which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. This idiot tried to "flex on 'em" after Deshaun Watson got tackled out of bounds (h/t @ArmstrongABC11).

What are you doing, guy? You do realize that all of those dudes down there could beat the ever loving holy hell out of you, right? You know what this guy is? He's the real life equivalent of an egg avi on Twitter.

2. Dueling airballed free throws is worse than dueling banjos (h/t to @JamesCurle and our own @AkulaWolf).

OK, maybe not really. But still...this is bad. Maybe let's work on our free throw shooting guys...this is your third season. Can't be airballing free throws like that.

3. Virginia Tech hired a large Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonator as their strength and conditioning coach (h/t @THEKEYPLAY).

Is there any doubt that this guy is going to bust into the weight room with this blasting every time he walks in? I fully suspect this guy opens up each lift with IF YOU'RE READY FOR THE SQUAT RACK, GIMME A HELL YEAH!!!! Speaking of strength and conditioning coaches...

4. Louisville's strength and conditioning coach for basketball might be legitimately insane (h/t @SportsChannel8).

The fine folks over at Sports Channel 8 obtained this exclusive video, and I can tell you I saw this nonsense happening at the game from where I was sitting. That guy was acting like he chugged 34 Red Bulls before the game, and he was exactly like he was in this clip for the entire game. Someone get that guy a chill pill.

5. This Clemson fan decided to wear receiver gloves with his polo shirt.

Bruh. No. Just stop.

6. Jaylen Johnson isn't sure what team he plays for (h/t @theACCDN).

You want #goacc at its purest form? This is it. This is 100% it. Just beautiful.

7. Someone didn't get the memo they were about to go back on air (h/t @JamesCurle).

Hoo boy, some producer got chewed out after that segment I bet.

8. A television station in Greenville, SC still thought the ACC title game was going on (h/t @CSBRadio).

Good job, good effort y'all.

9. Jacob Coker received congratulations on winning the national title from his former team on Twitter (h/t @joeovies).

Basically, the Noles were admitting, "We messed up." If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go duck from the objects being hurled my way from #FSUTwitter.

10. Goldsboro newspaper might need a new copy editor for Twitter.


the #suregrin awards.

During the National Championship game's national anthem, Bonnie Bernstein took to Twitter to voice her displeasure over what Ciara (also noted #nanobubbles enthusiast Russell Wilson's girlfriend) was wearing.

I'm not sure I could roll my eyes harder. Get over your ridiculous concern trolling, Bonnie.

Next, if you happened to turn on the SEC Network, you probably saw PAWWWWLLLLLL Finebaum's litany of absurd callers, none more ridiculous than Larry contained in this video from Deadspin:


The best photoshops of the week!

Both of these come from that insane ending of the Vikings-Seahawks game. First, Rob Perez broke out a classic meme:

It's been a minute since the Lance meme resurfaced, and I'm glad it did.

Next, everybody's favorite, the crying Jordan, was brilliantly done here by @WhoIsJoseRivera:

And now finally, your moment of wrasslin'...


Poor, poor LeBron James. Without further ado, take it away JR!

Have a great weekend everyone!