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The #goacc Moment of the Week (1/27/2016)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

I make this face when I'm peeing into the snow
I make this face when I'm peeing into the snow
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Lawd have mercy y'all, we had a hell of a battle here last week, where ultimately Coach K's "Amazing" press conference managed to pull away from some incredible competition. Hell, I thought Nate Irving crop dusting someone in a supermarket was a lock for the win, but it wasn't to be. Moving on to this week, we've got yet another fantastic set of entries for y'all to vote on. I think you'll all enjoy the #suregrin award, and we've got some great photoshops Crying Jordan memes as well. Lastly, we'll close with what I think might be my favorite BAH GAWD moment ever. And with that, it's time to vote. Which is your #goacc Moment of the Week? Vote below!

1. UNC's twitter account absolutely owned a student trying to get out of class (h/t @awbatchelor).

Man, that kid got demolished by the ol' Google search by image. Straight savagery.

2. Pitt fan makes his "mark" in the snow (h/t @JNadzan).

Um........yeah...............guess he really had to go.

3. ESPN listed Chris Corchiani Jr. as the player to watch in the game against Duke.

Is this some sort of glitch in their system, or is someone at ESPN just trolling all of us?

4. UNC's "Blue Team" needs some work on their shooting (h/t @KelsonRand and @BarstoolBanks).

You know, maybe they were just trying to re-enact that GIF of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

5. Good job, good effort Walmart (h/t @DennisJove).

That's not even close!

6. Let's check in on Boston College and dear god (h/t to our own @akulawolf).

They really may not win a conference game.

7. NC State released their 2016 football schedule using Heads Up (h/t @PackFootball).

This is just spectacular. Just wait till you see how he gets Boston College correct.

8. ESPN now includes players' favorite emojis in starting lineups.

This is the most "Welcome to 2016" moment of the year for sports. Also, the position of Jekiri's makes it look like he has a tiny arm, which is spectacular.

9. Dabo Swinney went sleddin' with his players (h/t @coach_jeffscott).

Look at the air he gets! He's just having fun out there guys.

10. Nothing says Notre Dame football like...the Millennium Falcon? (h/t @PaulRRigney).

I mean....sure?

the #suregrin award.

A word of advice to all of the high school students out there. If you're going to tweet at the Wake County Public School system's official twitter account, for the love of God use your spell check:

Otherwise, you might get savagely owned and have to delete your twitter account.

The best photoshops of the week!

I really should rename this the Crying Jordan segment, because that's what I keep putting in here, and man do we have some good ones this week. First, for the Arizona Cardinals!

Just brilliant work. Next, a late arriving submission to the #goacc desk here, but DEAR GOD WAKE:

You deserve every bit of of that for blowing a 7 point lead to UVA in the last twenty seconds.

And now, for your moment of wrasslin'...


Have to celebrate the NC State Wrestling's team amazing victory over UNC with the best way I know how. Let's see how the legendary voice of wrasslin' would call some of that match!

Have a great week everyone!