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NC State dead on arrival in Louisville, falls 54-13 to Cardinals

just move on, nothing to see here

North Carolina State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NC State found itself down 10-0 within the first few minutes of the game in Louisville on Saturday, and the situation, uh, well it did not improve. The Wolfpack just didn’t have a damn thing today, while Lamar Jackson did his usual thing, and the Pack ended up dropping this one, 54-13.

This was one of those “burn the tapes without ever watching them” types of games, so I’m not sure there’s anything worth actually analyzing from it. Louisville controlled this game up front on both sides of the ball, and the Pack was anything but focused on the offensive side, and thus had absolutely no chance of keeping up with the Cardinals.

Jackson was outstanding, vastly outplaying Ryan Finley, even if you exclude Jackson’s exploits running the ball. State had to have a good game from Finley, and he was bad. That’s the problem with playing top 10 teams on the road—you need just about everything to go right, but you especially need your quarterback to be right.

State could have done some things better today—some things they could have done a lot better—but the best team won, no doubtin’ that much. Tip the ol’ cap and wash this one from the memory banks, folks.