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Mark Gottfried says NCAA could make a ruling on Omer Yurtseven’s eligibility in the next week

Maybe possibly.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Operation Basketball Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

There still isn’t much to update on the eligibility situations of Omer Yurtseven and Ted Kapita, unfortunately. The best Mark Gottfried could offer at ACC media day on Wednesday was a potential timetable for a decision on Yurtseven.

That’s frustrating enough, but Gottfried wouldn’t even venture a guess on a timetable for Kapita, which implies that his situation is more complicated.

Getting a decision out of the NCAA on Yurtseven in the next week would at least give the Wolfpack some advance notice before the start of the regular season, though as with all things NCAA, it’s difficult to guess what that timing would mean. A decision before the start of the season doesn’t necessarily mean Yurtseven will escape penalty. It’d really be nice to get all of this over with, though, one way or another.