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Notre Dame-NC State start time remains unchanged; ACC, school officials monitoring weather conditions

Hurricane Matthew could end up making landfall in the Carolinas on Saturday morning.

Hurricane Matthew Churns in Caribbean Photo by NOAA via Getty Images

Based on current forecasts, there is a chance that Hurricane Matthew wreaks a lot of havoc on the state of North Carolina this weekend, which could affect football games across the state. (Lots of high school games have already been moved.)

While the Piedmont region doesn’t appear in danger of a direct hit, it could be looking at a lot of rain and high winds.

NC State already has had discussions with both the ACC and Notre Dame about possible contingencies, though no decisions have been made at this time.

During his press conference Tuesday, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly said the school has offered a window of noon Saturday to noon Sunday in which to play the game. NC State and Notre Dame have not yet talked about moving the game up to Friday, according to Kelly. (via ESPN’s Matt Fortuna)

ACC officials conducted their own conference call to discuss the situation but made no decisions, per David Teel. They plan to talk again on Thursday.

So, everybody’s in a holding pattern right now. With luck, Matthew will take a right turn between now and Saturday morning. Worst case—speaking only of football here—seems to be a move from Saturday at noon to Sunday at that time for ND/NCSU.