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NC State holds on for 28-21 win over UNC


North Carolina State v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Let’s not worry about the bigger picture right now, let’s just enjoy this moment. NC State out-played North Carolina on Friday afternoon, and won 28-21. With that win, State will be going bowling. Also, with that win, UNC lost.

Matt Dayes and the Wolfpack offense paced State early; there were trick plays, including a nice touchdown throw from Jaylen Samuels, that gave State an early 21-0 lead. NC State was the more aggressive team in the first half, and took full advantage of a UNC turnover.

State probably should have been up by more at halftime, but the playcalling late in second quarter demanded a late field goal try, which of course was shanked badly. The coaches may eventually figure out that they have zero half-decent field goal kickers.

But when you win in Chapel Hill, I suppose ultimately that sort of criticism amounts to quibbling. NC State got the jump today and did not let go, despite the necessary periods of suspense. NC State beat UNC and that is good and I enjoyed it. Go Pack.