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Merry Christmas and happy holidays from BTP

That’s right, I said Merry Christmas AND happy holidays.

SNOWBOARD: 18.12.97
your guess is as good as mine
Photo by Christiane Quentin/Bongarts/Getty Images

Hello, friends. Those of us here at Backing The Pack Amalgamated Industries And Off-Brand Sunglass Distillery Inc. would like to wish you and your loved ones a very fine holiday season. If you are lucky, you have good people, good food, and good presents to look forward to this time of year, so don’t forget that you’re lucky.

Thanks for reading this website this year. I think we had fun for the most part even if the teams didn’t always cooperate on the field. One of these years we’ll all be completely synced on the fun thing. Until then, we’ll keep doing the best we can. Not everything we do here is great or even good, but it’s the good moments that make it worthwhile for me, still, after like a dozen years writing on the tubes.

Back in the day I’d be thrilled if I hit 100 views in one day, and over time I flew way way past that modest benchmark. Thanks again, everybody. I don’t have any gifts to give you other than maybe this MST3K-styled commentary of Die Hard that James Curle and I did recently.

We’ll do this whole thing all over again in 2017. Cheers, and remember, we have Jaylen Samuels.