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The #goacc Moment of the Week (2/17/2016)

The weekly in-depth look at the best (worst?) moments in ACC schadenfreude.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Came down to the wire last week, y'all. A close vote was won by the clueless Boston cab drivers, who apparently have no idea where Boston College plays basketball. We've got a smaller ballot again this week, but rest assured, there's some quality #goacc on the docket. We'll close with our usual awarding of the #suregrin, some great photoshops, and quite possibly some of the best BAH GAWD moments we've ever seen. Let's not waste any more time - which is your #goacc Moment of the Week! Vote below!

1. Adrian Branch should not be on television (h/t @theBenSwain and @JamesCurle).

Seriously though, how is this guy still on TV, ESPN?

2. I've discovered the inspiration for BeeJay Anya's improved FT shooting.

Bae saves the day.

3. Ref in the Wake-NC State game with quite possibly the worst foul call you'll ever see (h/t @Lon_Petrini).

This is easily one of the most embarrassing calls I've ever seen an official make in the ACC. He had his mind made up the whole way he was going to call a foul no matter what happened. But hey, officiating doesn't have an affect on the game, right?

4. Wake has yet to win a road ACC game under Danny Manning, and plays like this aren't helping (h/t to our own @akulawolf).

If Danny Manning had hair, passes like that would turn it gray instantly. Good lord.

5. Tyler Lewis (hey, remember him?) took a picture of himself with a sign that heckled him (h/t @MichaelSFreeman).

This is oh so very spectacular.

6. The camera during the Wake-NC State game happened to catch BeeJay Anya standing in front of an unfortunately placed sponsor (h/t @RWWilmington).

Oh.......oh no.

7. Maryland is again trying to sneak their way back into the ACC (h/t @crashthedance).

Nice try, Terps. Y'all can stay over in the Big 10 with your crappy as hell basketballs.

8. Nate Irving apparently saw a UFO (h/t @jjwith2jays).

Maybe Nate's been playing too much Pokemon lately.

the #suregrin award.

This week's winner for being especially stupid is Jeb! Bush. Jeb!, if you didn't know, is a Republican candidate for President. You'd think, as a candidate that wants to be taken seriously, that he would want to make sure he'd remember to pay to keep his domain of Well, Jeb! didn't pay for this, and now, if you go to, the page redirects to Trump's web site.

I mean, that's just remarkably dumb, Jeb! Surely you can't top something that stupid today, right?


The best photoshop of the week!

The fine folks over at SportsChannel 8 made some ACC themed valentines, none more hilarious than this:


And now, for your moment of wrasslin'...


First, we have to acknowledge the destructive powers of Nick Gwiazdowski, who utterly and completely incinerated Mizzou. Just look at this obliteration:

Insanity. Next, as a bonus, head on over to Deadspin to see their incredible mashup of the NBA Dunk Contest with the legendary voice of wrasslin:

Have a great week everyone!