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NC State vs. Syracuse game thread

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Will NC State be able to get anything going against Syracuse's 2-3 zone, or is this going to be a total drag? As always, the Cuse defense is forcing opponents to take a lot of threes, and uh, that's not really an ideal outcome for NC State's offense. Maverick Rowan and Caleb Martin might shoot 20 threes combined and oh god we're gonna die to death very hard, aren't we.

On the bright side, the Orange do still have a weakness on the defensive glass, on account of that aforementioned zone, and offensive rebounding is a strength for State. Might need a whoooole lot of offensive boards in this one. Or Cat Barber can go ahead and make like six threes. I'd be fine with that also. I kept expecting Rowan to make a half dozen out of the blue, but my will is now broken, my hopes non-existent. (Today's the day!)

NC State vs. Syracuse

Tip time: 2 p.m. ET

TV: ACC Network (Tim Brando, Mike Gminski) -- affiliates

Online streaming: ESPN3