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Printable NCAA tournament bracket 2016: Hot off the presses!

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The field of 68 has been (painfully slowly) announced by CBS, and now we got some fillin' out to do. Here's a printable bracket with the complete field from our SB Nation overlords. The tournament field actually leaked early this year, which I think is appropriate after CBS's decision to lengthen its selection show and draw out the whole reveal.

North Carolina, Virginia, Kansas, and Oregon are your one-seeds this year, and man is there a lot of potential chaos in the 3-6 seed range. Good teams, but many with glaring flaws. (I'm looking at you, Duke Iowa State, Baylor, Notre Dame Seton Hall, etc.)

As always, I suggest that you write in each team's Pomeroy Rating next to their name. You do not need a subscription to view the ratings. It's a quick-and-dirty way to find some matchups you can exploit, though in the end all of your research will prove fruitless, because we all know Janice in Accounting is going to win by picking based on mascots.

Oh and hey, we got a tournament pool set up.