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The 3rd annual #goacc Tournament of Champions: The AMAZING Regional Opening Round

The best of the best (worst?) have been selected after a rigorous process by the selection committee. Now it's up to you to help determine the #goacc champion of the season.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Moving on to the second of our four regionals....(again, if you haven't voted in the other regionals, use the Storystream links on the right!)

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1. Drunk UNC fan stumbles down Dean Dome steps



Man, another incredibly strong 1 seed here. This one could get ugly in a hurry!

8. Replay official in South Carolina-North Carolina game has no idea what's going on


9. Clemson's academic excellence tweet contains a grammatical error

Well I know who Omega is voting for here, but man this is a tough call, at least for me. I vividly remember being at the beach watching that game laughing my ass off at that incompetent replay official. On the other hand, putting out a tweet trumpeting your academic excellence that contains a grammatical error is pretty incredible, too.

5. Frank Beamer called ECU an exhibition game opponent after they lost to ECU


12. Clemson fan with a painful face plant

While I love the #goacc legend that is Frank Beamer, this has the potential for the dreaded 5-12 upset here, at least in my opinion. That Clemson fan went for the ultimate dance move, and literally destroyed himself while doing that. Is that actual clemsoning? I think it is.

4. Miami Football's weird photoshoot


13. FSU baseball player celebrates double by shotgunning a beer

This is like one of those mismatches that happen in the tournament where one team is clearly better than the other, and that's what we've got here with the 4 seed. There's literally no way that FSU baseball player is gonna get out of this round. Enjoy being in the tournament, sir.

3. Coach K's "Amazing" press conference


14. Jim Christian wanted in on the Meek Mill/Drake feud

Poor Jim Christian. He's about to get smoked by Coach K yet again.

6. The U's twitter account tweeted "BEAT MIAMI"


11. Pack Football advertised season tickets at Rolling Stones with puns based on the Stones' songs

Man, between that Miami photoshoot and this, the U is looking like they're going to have some staying power in this regional.

7. Pitt's softball team played real life Pac Man


10. Chris Corchiani Jr. listed as "player to watch"

I like Corch here in the upset, but man the fact that Coach hardly reacts at all during that Pac Man rendition is pretty spectacular as well. Wouldn't be surprised if that one moved on to the next round.

2. The Boston College vs Wake Forest football game


15. Dave Clawson didn't appreciate Steve Colbert calling out Wake Forest

Dave Clawson is about to do the unthinkable...and lose to Wake. That's so impressive that Jeff Bzdelik never managed to do that.

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